About us

The FibreCoat Story

The idea of coating fibres came to Robert’s mind in 2014 during his doctorate at the Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH University (ITA) in Aachen. Together with his two colleagues Richard Haas & Alexander Lüking he started experimenting with polymer coatings. Flash forward to 2019 we received a start up grant from the federal ministry of science and energy resulting in the founding of FibreCoat in 2020. 

Then the world got hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Suppliers could not deliver, and production came to a halt. This created the space for new innovation, and aluminium coating came to mind. These aluminium coated fibres immediately showed very promising results, and we decided to push it forward. With Alucoat we have won multiple prizes and ended 3rd place at the US Rice Business Plan Competition,  world’s largest start up competition. 

In the meantime, we have started with the production of our Alucoat fibres and are making deliveries to our first customers. We will never stop innovating and are looking at different coating and fibre combinations. We believe the possibilities of our products are endless, and the future of FibreCoat is looking bright. 


Making High Performance Materials Affordable


Start of development

Idea conceived and first trials conducted


Company founding

Setting up the FibreCoat GmbH for business


AluCoat Introduction

Market launch of Aluminum coated Fibres


Series A

Investment for further growth of the company


PolyCoat Introduction

Market launch of polymer coated glass fibres


Series B

Internationalization of production


New Production Site

Opening of the production & development site in Aachen


Making High Performance Materials Affordable

As everything we produce today is made of materials, it makes it one of the major foundations of our economy. We are convinced that constant progress in this field, namely the materials sciences, has the potential to sustainably improve our environment, our society, and our lives. Therefore, as we strive for innovation, we will achieve sustainable, accessible, and affordable materials for our planet and beyond.

Metal-coated Fibres

The metal coating preserves the high initial mechanical strength and adds electrical conductivity.

Dedicated Solutions

Smart scientists with a branched network and high commitment. Challenge us to level up your products!

Renewable Materials

FibreCoat technology is transferable to renewable and recycled materials.

Full Adaptability

By using the optimal amount of coating on the fibres, we improve resource efficiency!

Efficient Processes

Reduced energy requirements in production and processing.


FibreCoat has a motivated team of scientists with expertise in multiple aspects of fibre who are ready to assist with your project.